Welcome to CityReha Frankfurt – Your specialists in rehabilitation

A highly specialized team of doctors and therapists awaits you right in the center of Frankfurt am Main.

Our objective is to help you recover from the after-effects of an illness, operation or accident as quickly as possible with individually tailored ambulatory rehabilitation treatment.

We want to ensure that you, our patient, regain your quality and enjoyment of life as quickly as possible, so we work only with doctors who are among the best in their fields. In doing so we can ensure that the treatment you receive is always based on the latest scientific findings.

As well as excellent doctors we offer a high frequency of treatments and a wide variety of different therapies, so that your recovery is both lasting and as swift as possible.

At CityReha Frankfurt the rehabilitation we provide after an accident, operation or illness focuses on the following specialties:

Rehabilitation – Investing in your health

After an illness, operation or accident, you’ll want to recover and then stay well, and to achieve that you often need a period of rehabilitation. Not until this has been completed will you be well enough to cope with the demands of work and daily life once more. Rehabilitation consists of several different steps, and we will take these steps together with you. Using a holistic approach we restore the stability of both the mind and the body.

Benefits of partial statutory rehabilitation:

  1. The type and timing of partial statutory rehabilitation can be planned flexibly and tailored to your individual needs.
  2. Our team of experienced doctors and therapists can concentrate fully on you and your wellbeing.
  3. You only need to leave your familiar surroundings for your treatment appointments. Apart from that you can relax and recover wherever you feel comfortable.
  4. If necessary we’ll bring in external experts or the doctors who treated you in the emergency department to ensure the best possible treatment results.
  5. We make it easy to involve those close to you in your recovery process.
  6. Your wellbeing is our objective.

We want you to feel better again!

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